Bangkok Fashion Center

Bangkok Fashion Center, established in 1997, stands as one of Bangkok’s premier tailoring houses, renowned worldwide for its commitment to crafting the highest quality clothing for discerning clientele in Europe and America. With a reputation built over the past decade for producing exquisite handmade bespoke suits, Bangkok Fashion Center has become synonymous with excellence in the international tailoring scene.

In addition to the traditional bespoke services, Bangkok Fashion Center now offers a Personal Tailoring Service, available at all their stores. This service serves as a unique blend between ready-to-wear and bespoke, combining the finest ready-to-wear procedures with the flexibility of personalized garment creation.

For those in search of the epitome of tailored elegance in Bangkok, Bangkok Fashion Center stands as the unrivaled destination. Their assurance of unparalleled style ensures that patrons will always be impeccably dressed.

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